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Home Purchase Basics

We’ll Guide You Every Step Of The Way

F&M mortgage lenders have the expertise – and will take the time – to personally lead you through the home loan process. From the day you apply for your loan ... until you’re unlocking the door to your new home ... we’ll be right there for you! In five basic steps, here’s what you can expect:

STEP 1: Meet With A Loan Originator/Officer

An F&M Bank mortgage loan originator/officer will meet with you to explain everything you can expect to encounter when buying a home. We’ll meet at a time and location that’s convenient for you and will answer many of your questions. The first meeting lasts about an hour. If you do not have time to meet with one of our staff, you may apply on-line and receive a response by the next business day. To get the greatest benefit from this initial meeting, please bring the following:

  • Income – Your last two paycheck stubs ... and a listing of all sources of monthly income
  • Expenses – Accurate list of monthly obligations
  • Bank Accounts – Your last two statements for checking, savings and CDs
  • Loans & Credit Cards – Balances due to banks, finance companies and credit card companies (bring copies of your most recent statements)
  • Last Year’s Tax Return – Or last two years if self-employed.
  • Equity In Your Home – If you own your residence, EQUITY is the difference between what your house is worth and what you owe. Copies of the most recent property tax assessment and monthly mortgage statement would be helpful.

STEP 2: Then Go House-Hunting

An important step in purchasing a home is determining what you can afford to spend on the monthly mortgage payment. That amount depends on your employment status, current debt, family size and other factors such as current interest rate. We will quickly evaluate your financial situation and give you an on-the-spot estimate of what you can afford. Then you’ll be ready to shop for homes that are in your price range ... saving you time, effort and money. We can even PRE-Qualify your application so that you can shop with CONFIDENCE when making an offer on a new home.

We have underwriters on staff to issue approvals quickly. Our applications go from origination to underwriting and then to be processed. By underwriting the files immediately after application, this alleviates the guesswork on final approvals.

Your F&M loan originator/officer will ensure you apply for the right type of loan by explaining your payment options and terms. We’ll also help you explore special loan programs such as VA, FHA and THDA. We’ll work closely with you to select a mortgage that’s a SMART CHOICE for you!


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